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Creating genuine value

Our vast range of digital work includes the development of HTML5 banners, website development, online experiences such as widgets and much more.

Common for all our digital work is that it’s split between our offices in Denmark and Vietnam, ensuring a streamlined and cost-efficient process.



Website development process

When developing a website, it’s our aim to live up to our promise of delivering a high-quality, smooth and not least a cost-efficient development process. Throughout the process, we follow certain steps to ensure that your website is developed completely according to your needs.

In that respect, programming is a key area that sets us apart. Our Vietnamese office has the capability to manage and configure the CMS-system as well as programme the templates. The process is completely streamlined according to Danish standards, meaning that you can make significant savings without worrying about any drawbacks in the overall quality.


  • Where should the site be hosted?
  • CMS requirements?
  • What should the website be able to do?
  • When should it be finished?


  • What is the message?
  • Who are the target groups?
  • What do the target groups want?
  • What do we want the users to do on site?
  • What type of content should there be (sitemap)?


  • How should the site be built (wireframes)?
  • How should it look (template design – homepage and subpages)
  • How should it work? (requirements specification)


  • Layout and configuration of CMS
  • Template programming


  • Content upload (copy & images)
  • Testing on several browsers and devices
  • Redirection of domains to the new site
  • Launch


Software development

We develop and programme software both for desktop, web and mobile – the latter also entails app development. Our work includes:


  • Web and desktop software development with the following programming languages: .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js. and the following database systems: MySQL and SQL Server
  • Mobile app development on Android and iOS with the following programming languages: HTML5, Objective-C, Swift, Java.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Umbraco, Wordpress, Magento.

Digital banners

We always ensure that our digital banners meet the high standards that our clients expect. In order to guarantee the best results, we adhere to the following procedure when producing digital banners:


  • All our banners are compatible with all ad networks
  • We cross-browser test all the banners to ensure the best functionality and effect
  • We can quickly and efficiently roll out a banner in all formats
  • We create and apply one storyboard for one banner, which is then applied to all formats of that banner